Manage your 401K / IRA with our dual investment strategy


Our core strategy is based on moving money back and forth between risky and secure financial investments, e.g. S&P500 Index / Treasury Bonds 1-3 years, with a medium to long term view. This simple strategy proposes staying in risky investments and moving into safer options when prices begin to fall, until prices rise back to or above their normal growth rate. You should expect the same annual profit as the S&P500 Index in the good times, and much better results in the bad ones.

This strategy saved enormous losses on the pension funds of thousands of Chilean workers in 2008 and 2011. Since 2002 the private pension system has offered Chilean workers 5 optional portfolios with different risk levels, and we have been advising them in making their choice. FondoAlerta customers manage pension funds worth hundred million dollars, according to customer service evaluation made in 2011.

To manage your 401K or Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with our smart strategy, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Suscribe our service at, select our FULL + SP500 plan, and start receiving our advice. Soon we will deliver our apps for your Android smartphone, iPhone and iPad.
  2. Select your preferred broker on confidence and lowers fees on trading ETFs (for example,IVV for S&P500 Index and SHY for Treasury Bonds 1-3 years).
  3. Start investing on S&P500 or Treasury Bonds 1-3 years, as you receive our advice. You will be able to follow the index performance and your specific profit just registering the dates and assets you have invest in.

And have a nice and wealthy retirement. We will never even touch your money. We just advise people.

As with any financial advice, we cannot guarantee future results, but we can clearly state that: S&P500 gained a mean 7.25 % annual rate of return in the last 7 years, 2008-2014. This includes the 2008 and 2011 crashes.

Treasury Bonds 1-3 rated 1.23% in the same period.
Our strategy, with  a mean of 1.29 trades only per year, yielded 15.10% mean annual return.
Note that a 7.25% annual rate doubles your investment every 9.65 years , and a 15.10% annual rate doubles it each 4.63 years.

Remember, variable income investment is always more profitable in the long run, but there is no reason to keep a financial asset with a falling price, especially in the turmoil of this fast-moving and intercommunicated financial world. Volatility is here to stay and there is only one way to avoid it, being alert at all times. That is precisely what we do: we keep you alert.






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